ircd-hybrid-6.4.3 released

Jonathan R. Lusky lusky at
Sun Dec 5 23:17:50 EST 2004
MD5 (ircd-hybrid-6.4.3.tgz) = 8e6fad223295b33efe6c35b9003bb925

$Id: RELNOTES,v 1.25 2004/12/06 04:03:17 lusky Exp $

This is the current release version of ircd-hybrid-6.

BUG REPORTS: If you run this code and encounter problems, you must report
 the bug by EMAIL to bugs at  
 Please include a gdb backtrace and a copy of your config.h and ircd.conf 
 with any report  (with passwords and other sensitive information masked).

DISCUSSION: There is a mailing list for discussion of hybrid issues,
 including betas.  To subscribe, use this link:
 This is the proper place to discuss new features, bugs, etc.  Posting here
 is much more likely to get something done than ranting on #TZ.

Questions/comments directed to bugs at

ircd-hybrid-6.4.3 Release Notes
o Added ETRACE command - built upon Sarisa's ideas
o Added SINFO command
o Added oper notification on /quote CLOSE
o Added SPOOF_NOTICE_ADMIN_ONLY - if defined only admins can
  see source ip of the spoof
o Added WHOISACTUALLY. Backported from ratbox
o Added ACL's for ENCAP
o Added ip_must_resolve flag to i-lines
o Changed the way +b/+I/+e is getting added, with a
  generic command add_id/del_id
o Changed config.h so dlines are in seperate file
o Expanded the number of numerics used
o Made IDENTD timeout configurable by a seperate define in config.h
o Fixed a possible mode desync on net-rejoin
o Fixed a possible core on connect if one uses CUSTOM_ERR
o Fixed compile problem with whois notification
o Fixed IPv6 compatibilities for GLINES
o Removed wildcard whois. It's not used anymore
o Removed SLAVE_SERVERS. Will be replaced in the future
o Removed SENDQ_ALLWAYS define

There is a possibility that ircd will core dump if you there are errors
in your conf file.

Send bug reports to bugs at  If it cored, please
include a gdb backtrace and a copy of your config.h.


The best way to get a backtrace of the core is to follow this sequence of
1.  Change to the directory where the core file is
2.  Run gdb on the binary and the core file.  With an unmodified Hybrid-6,
    an example command line is below (in the /usr/local/ircd directory)
    $ gdb ./ircd ircd.core
3.  At the "(gdb)" prompt, enter the command "bt"
4.  Save the output of the backtrace command and send it to
    bugs at
5.  Be sure to save the ircd binary and the core file in a safe place in
    case the developers need to look deeper than a backtrace provides.

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