user at host fun with stunnel

Matt Best at
Wed Dec 8 20:27:41 EST 2004

Hey again listers, 

I'm in a bit of an interesting quagmire here.  I use stunnel
( to offer ircd over SSL to my users.

This is my stunnel statement:

/usr/sbin/stunnel -r -d -p
/etc/ssl/certs/stunnel.pem -o /var/log/stunnel.ext.log

This reads as "listen on port 8887 and encrypt all connections to this
port, then redirect to port 6667".  The ircd is listening on 6667.   I
basically have a standard NAPT gateway in front of the server that
redirects port 8887 to

The problem with this, is I think it kinda breaks ident.  When a user
connects, they are always connected as "root at", instead of
"user at isp-assigned-ip-address-or-hostname".

Can anybody think of a way around this?  I understand this may be
beyond the scope of this list.  Any suggestions are appreciated. 

Kind regards, 


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