Server in router DMZ

Steven Nelson stevenrnelson at
Sat Dec 25 00:07:33 EST 2004

Okay, I must had done something stoopid in the config, but now it
seems to almost be working okay, but I'm having two different issues.
I'm trying to log on to it via the WAN address and the connection
times out. A friend of mine has confirmed this by trying to log in
from while physically and virtually outside of my network. I can nmap
localhost and see that the port is open. When I try logging into
localhost I get this:

 Looking up localhost..
--- Connecting to localhost.localdomain ( port 6667..
--- Connected. Now logging in..
--- *** Looking up your hostname...
--- *** Checking Ident
--- *** No Ident response
--- *** Couldn't look up your hostname
--- Closing Link: steven[unknown at] (You are not
authorized to use this server)
--- Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).
--- Disconnected ().

I understand that it can't figure out my hostname but I don't know how
to fix it. I don't think my client (X-Chat 2.07) is broken because I
can log into outside networks just fine.
If you need more information from my config file I'll be more than
happy to give it to you, but I don't think you would appreciate me
copying the entire thing here.

On Sat, 25 Dec 2004 13:01:12 +0900, Peter Evans <peter+hybrid at> wrote:
> Steven Nelson (stevenrnelson at wrote:
> > I'm trying to configure my first irc server and I'm having some
> > issues. Has anyone setup a server behind a router? I'm in the DMZ so
> > all outside requests are forwarded to me, and I've been able to run
> > web and ssh servers successfully. Has anyone had any experience with
> > this?
>         What sort of issues. IRC for the most part, does not
>         contain the ip address inside the packets like some
>         older/wierder protocols, so fixup isnt necessary.
>         Just forward the relevant ports from the outside to the IRC
>         server (tcp 6666~6669 + whatever for uplinks) and that should
>         be it, let the DMZ router worry about the NAT nonsense.
>         I suspect your problems are elsewhere.
>         P
>         FWIW, I am running a server behind nat in a tiny network of
>         about 8 ircds, no problems at all.
> --

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