"Server doesn't exist"

newiceman at desk.by newiceman at desk.by
Sat Dec 25 14:23:38 EST 2004


We got a problem. Sometimes one of small servers of our network starts to
kill _all_ users with the message "Server doesn't exist". I looked at
source code, it seems like server begins to register new remote client
from other server, but it can not find remote server for some reasons(?)
in internal records. So it thinks that this server doesn't exist and
starts killing client(hybrid7):


  source_p->servptr = find_server(user->server);

  if (source_p->servptr == NULL)
      sendto_realops_flags(FLAGS_ALL, L_ALL,"Ghost killed: %s on invalid
                           source_p->name, source_p->user->server);

      kill_client(client_p, source_p, "%s (Server doesn't exist)",

      /* XXX */
      return exit_client(NULL, source_p, &me, "Ghosted Client");

Are there any ways to fix or prevent this ?


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