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Wed Jul 7 06:11:43 EDT 2004

On Wed, Jul 07, 2004 at 10:28:30AM +0200, 
   Philippe wrote:
> Josh "Nikaji" Stefanski wrote:
> >Question, what does everyone use for services?
> >I know hybserv is, or was, good choice to run alongside ircd-hybrid 
> >(I've been running it myself for quite some time). The only thing is 
> >the rather unstable codebase hybserv is built on and I'm wondering if 
> >there are any alternatives that live up to hybserv's 
> >compatibility/feature list.
> >- Josh S.
> >
>    Anope may be a good choice (if someone have time to make a tool to 
> translate hybserv database to anope format, I'll very pleased).

As far as I know, one of Anope Developers - Certus - is working
on such an tool. Translation won't be easy, hybserv uses DES
encryption for passwords, while Anope uses MD5:

Certus: I'll create a random new pass for every user and I'm gonna 
        email this pass to the user if he has specified an email. if
	not, I'm gonna write his nick + pass into a list.
Certus: so the user can ask you for the new pass
Certus: and you (as an oper) look it up in this file

Certus on


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