Philippe feel at
Wed Jul 7 07:05:30 EDT 2004

Bartosz Mierzwiak wrote:

>As far as I know, one of Anope Developers - Certus - is working
>on such an tool. Translation won't be easy, hybserv uses DES
>encryption for passwords, while Anope uses MD5:
>Certus: I'll create a random new pass for every user and I'm gonna 
>        email this pass to the user if he has specified an email. if
>	not, I'm gonna write his nick + pass into a list.
>Certus: so the user can ask you for the new pass
>Certus: and you (as an oper) look it up in this file
>Certus on
    Hey, this is an excellent news.
    I've tryed to make this tool myself, but I've stopped development 
just before experimention on nickserv db.
    I've choosen the same method for passwords, random generation.
    I've asked my users to set email into they nickserv info.
    When I've seen just 5% of users correctly set their email, I've stopped.
    I'll contact this guy, to see if I can help.
    Thx for you answer.

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