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Wed Jul 7 07:55:56 EDT 2004

Wed, Jul 07, 2004 at 01:05:30PM +0200, Philippe wrote:
>    Hey, this is an excellent news.
>    I've tryed to make this tool myself, but I've stopped development 
> just before experimention on nickserv db.
>    I've choosen the same method for passwords, random generation.
>    I've asked my users to set email into they nickserv info.
>    When I've seen just 5% of users correctly set their email, I've stopped.
>    I'll contact this guy, to see if I can help.
>    Thx for you answer.

Yes, we still waiting for converter databases. He convert
nicknames/channels for anope format db and send random password for 
e-mail address set in nick/channel. If e-mail address is not set for
nick or chan, converter will generate random password and write it to

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