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Wed Jul 7 07:52:21 EDT 2004

I have used HybServ for over 2 years now, and apart from the issues of
getting a few contrib (the fate of the unsupported) modules working, it
has been great. However, my network is no where near the size of
aniverse (only 500ish).


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Aside from odd bugs and random crashes it usually runs fine for my 
small-scale usage. (Its on Aniverse that many problems have occured and 
we were forced to switch services) I'm more or less just curious as to 
how well the others preform out there, I'll most likely stick to hybserv

because its what I know :]

Jack L. wrote:

>I've been using hybserv for several years and it seems perfectly stable
for me. What is so unstable about it?
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>>Question, what does everyone use for services?
>>I know hybserv is, or was, good choice to run alongside ircd-hybrid 
>>(I've been running it myself for quite some time). The only thing is
>>rather unstable codebase hybserv is built on and I'm wondering if
>>are any alternatives that live up to hybserv's compatibility/feature
>>- Josh S.
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