Lubomir Radev demond at
Wed Jul 7 09:24:09 EDT 2004

Hybserv doesn't scale well.

AFAIK, there's only one relatively large hybrid-based network that uses
it (unibg), and it crashes every other hour (they use rather archaic
versions of both ircd and services, but still).

I hear Ircservices ( is one good
alternative. It's been around for quite some time, supporting several
types of ircd, and since recently, hybrid7.

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> Question, what does everyone use for services?
> I know hybserv is, or was, good choice to run alongside ircd-hybrid
> (I've been running it myself for quite some time). The only thing is
> rather unstable codebase hybserv is built on and I'm wondering if
> are any alternatives that live up to hybserv's compatibility/feature
> - Josh S.
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