Server load is temporarily too heavy?

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The LIST command is probably throttled to prevent abusive behaviour.  Think
about a large network with thousands of channels; you obviously do not want
someone issuing several LIST commands since it would be a waste of bandwidth
and probably increase CPU usage a bit.



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Hey everyone,


    First, I'd like to thank those involved for making such a great program.
I had no problem getting it installed, and I'm a relative n00b to Linux.


    I'm running 6.3.1, and I'm getting the message "Server load is
temporarily too heavy.  Please wait a while and try again."  It happens if I
try to run LIST more than once within 10 seconds or so.  Is this normal, or
do I have something misconfigured?  I'm coding my own client to run on top
of IRCd-Hybrid, so I don't need functionality much beyond nicks and rooms,
but I use LIST often to update the display.


    If anyone has any thoughts, I'd appreciate the help.




- Anthony

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