Server load is temporarily too heavy?

Anthony Gill anthonyg at
Sun Jun 6 12:15:04 EDT 2004

	Found it!  :)  Thanks Chris - I think that helped quite a bit.

	I think the only other thing is that is seems to process a little slow.
For example, if I send 20 messages or so in a row, it takes a while to
resolve them all.  Are there settings related to this?  The server is pretty
hefty and can handle the CPU hit; plus I'm only using IRCd for a game
server.  Users can only chat, change rooms, and post their game state
information every 5 seconds or so.

	If you have any thoughts, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks again,
- Anthony

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I havent used hybrid 6 in quite awhile and dont have the src tree on
hand to double check, but look in include/config.h. I believe
#define PACE_WAIT is what you are looking for.

                                                 Hope this helps

On 06/05/04 02:59:29, Anthony Gill wrote:
> Hey everyone,
>     First, I'd like to thank those involved for making such a great
> program.
> I had no problem getting it installed, and I'm a relative n00b to
> Linux.
>     I'm running 6.3.1, and I'm getting the message "Server load is
> temporarily too heavy.  Please wait a while and try again."  It
> happens if I
> try to run LIST more than once within 10 seconds or so.  Is this
> normal, or
> do I have something misconfigured?  I'm coding my own client to run
> on
> top
> of IRCd-Hybrid, so I don't need functionality much beyond nicks and
> rooms,
> but I use LIST often to update the display.
>     If anyone has any thoughts, I'd appreciate the help.
> Thanks!
> - Anthony

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