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Ariel Biener ariel at fireball.tau.ac.il
Thu May 27 14:47:55 EDT 2004


   I am interested in seing a proper log rotation of the users/opers log
files of ircd in place. Nothing much is requested of the IRCD, it is done
via a script that does:

mv users{,.old} ; touch users ; chown irc.irc-stuff users
mv opers{,.old} ; touch opers ; chown irc.irc-stuff opers

However, at this point I need to have (like syslog) something that allows:

/quote rehash logs  OR from the shell  killall -SOMESIGNAL ircd

This should close the users and opers logfiles FD (right now the FD would
point to users.old and opers.old due to mv, which keeps the same inode),
and reopen them to the new users/opers files just created by touch.

This procedure is what is usually accepted as the fastest and most
resilient procedure, since at no time is any log entry lost, and the
procedure takes very little time.

The current procedure requires something like:

cp users{,.old} ; cp /dev/null users
cp opers{,.old} ; cp /dev/null opers

This procedure is problematic since while the cp is in progress (and it
takes time to cp a large file), the users/opers files are still open and
ircd still writes into them. Then, you cp (or cat) /dev/null into the
users/opers file, and there is no way to ensure that the last entries are
not lost. Also, the procedure takes a long time.

So, please consider adding this rather simple functionality in.

Thank you,


Ariel Biener
e-mail: ariel at post.tau.ac.il
PGP(6.5.8) public key http://www.tau.ac.il/~ariel/pgp.html

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