Ircd spam filter

Philippe feel at
Thu May 27 14:49:35 EDT 2004


   Is it possible to add private message spam filtering feature in hybrid ?
   Somiething like this :

      action= akill;
      reason="Fyle spambot";

   This is an exemple, to akill everyone who send a private message that 
contain "*me.mpeg"  to a client.
   They may usefull in regard of the growing number of spambots viruses.

   My little protection dumb script have killed about 3000 of them since 
january :

*[09:01:56] <_DroneKiller> I have killed 1431 bots so far.
[09:01:57] <DroneKiller> I have killed 1367 bots so far.

*    We really need such kind of protection in  hybrid.
   I now there is special bots to kill Fyle, but many other bots haven't 
a special fingerprint like fyle.

   Please, take some time to consider my mail.

   Thank per advance.



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