Remote unkline problem

Jon Christopherson jon.christopherson at
Thu Oct 28 18:33:26 EDT 2004

>Uhh.. CAP_KLN says only that the server is capable of receiving remote
>klines.  This patch fucks compatibility with other ircds who rely on the
>"UNKLN" capab (which hyb7 does not support, hence other ircds will never
>send it a remote unkline).

>Redefining the meaning of capabs is a bad idea.

	My patch was a simple hack to help out the person with the unkline
problem. I know that it doesn't fit your coding standard, and was not meant
to be submitted for inclusion. It is up to that user if he wishes to use it
or not. It has worked for me.

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Jon Christopherson

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