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Szymon Stefanek pragma at
Sun Oct 31 23:39:45 EST 2004

This one works flawlessly with several cyrillic codepages on the WeNet 
network. One can choose the codepage to use and the server takes case
of the encoding/decoding. 001 Pragma :Welcome to the WeNet IRC Network Pragma!~pragma at xxx 002 Pragma :Your host is, running version ircd-RU!
... 005 Pragma ... CODEPAGES ... :are available on this server
... 700 Pragma CP1251 :is now your translation scheme
>>> CODEPAGE UTF8 700 Pragma UTF8 :is now your translation scheme
>>> JOIN #tokyo,#ny,#siena,#ukraina

It would be nice to see it also on other IRC daemons.

The server stores and manages utf8 strings: it is just an assumption, almost 
no code is required for that.

The server notifies the "CODEPAGES" feature after client login and puts the 
client in utf8 mapping (so no decoding is needed on the server side).
Low-range clients that can't handle unicode input or make charset translations
would try to set their own codepage. Smarter clients (that can
handle unicode and remap to other charsets) would just keep the utf8 setting.


Szymon Stefanek

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