ircd-hybrid-cg patchset near the horizon

Alan LeVee alan.levee at
Sun Apr 24 02:21:52 EDT 2005

This is an informative e-mail basically explaining what features and fixes
that PC^God and I have been implementing for ircd-hybrid-7.0.3 and will be
rolling out quite soon as ircd-hybrid-cj4-ssl once all the testing is
complete. Now I know some of you are going to ask why we are concentrating
on 7.0.3 rather than 7.1 and the simple answer is there are enough changes
from 7.0 to 7.0.3 that we couldn't deal with 7.1's changes. However anyone
is more than welcome to transplant what we did in 7.0.3 to 7.1 when the
patch is released after thorough testing.

ircd-hybrid-7.0.3-cj4-ssl features manifesto:

- Implementation of m_services.c to allow direct interfacing with IRC
services daemons.
- Implementation of m_svsmode.c to allow the SVSMODE command.
- Addition of orighost and realhost HOSTLEN check so that WHOIS could
properly report the original hostname before the spoof (IRC Operators only).
- SVSMODE command designed to allow NickServ to set user mode +e (registered
- SVSMODE command designed to allow HostServ to set user mode +h (hidden
host IP cloaking).
- Implementation of cloak.c utilizing Gary S. Brown's polynomial algorithm
and CRC32 for client hostmask cloaking.
- Implementation of m_chghost.c for HostServ and IRC Operators to change
hidden/spoof hostmasks.
- Implementation of m_chgident.c for HostServ and IRC operators to change
hidden/spoof ident fields.
- Implemtnation of ircd-hybrid-bg's client SSL layer for clients to be able
to connect via SSL.
- Channel mode +S added to restrict the channel to only SSL connected
- User modes +e and +h added (see SVSMODE).
- Operator Only user mode +Q added to protect IRC operators from KILL,
- Channel mode +c added to trigger ERR_CANNOTSENDCHAN events to people using
ASCII colour codes.
- Removal of the 3 IRC Operator voting requirement to issue G: lines so that
proxy scanners, services and IRC Operators
  can issue G: lines.

ircd-hybrid-7.0.3-cj4-ssl bugfixes manifesto:

- Fixed m_whois.c to only report WHOISACTUALLY to IRC operators and the
person executing the command on themselves.
- Fixed configure scripts (ircd-hybrid/configure and
ircd-hybrid/autoconf/ for outdated POSIX head/tails.

We hope to have this well tested and running in production soon but we need
to run more thorough tests and finish coding features as well as testing
anope services since we're dropping hybserv2. If you have any questions you
can contact me freely either by e-mail or at #cservice on


Alan 'knight-' LeVee
ChatJunkies IRC Operator and Assistant Project Developer

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