ircd-hybrid-cg patchset near the horizon

Lubomir Radev demond at
Wed Apr 27 16:11:16 EDT 2005

Well, these sound cool, but how do you plan to design & implement services
interface? a while ago I used to patch hybserv, adding command handlers
to hybrid in modules; but AFAIK all those SVS commands are not
standardized and vary from one services implementation to another - so my
hybrid7-bg mod would not work with services other than my hybserv-bg mod.

Maybe that should not be hard-coded but rather configurable via regexps
with extracting parameters like BOPM does or something.

On Sun, 24 Apr 2005, Alan LeVee wrote:

> This is an informative e-mail basically explaining what features and fixes
> that PC^God and I have been implementing for ircd-hybrid-7.0.3 and will be
> rolling out quite soon as ircd-hybrid-cj4-ssl once all the testing is
> complete. Now I know some of you are going to ask why we are concentrating
> on 7.0.3 rather than 7.1 and the simple answer is there are enough changes
> from 7.0 to 7.0.3 that we couldn't deal with 7.1's changes. However anyone
> is more than welcome to transplant what we did in 7.0.3 to 7.1 when the
> patch is released after thorough testing.
> ircd-hybrid-7.0.3-cj4-ssl features manifesto:
> ------
> - Implementation of m_services.c to allow direct interfacing with IRC
> services daemons.
> - Implementation of m_svsmode.c to allow the SVSMODE command.
> - Addition of orighost and realhost HOSTLEN check so that WHOIS could
> properly report the original hostname before the spoof (IRC Operators only).
> - SVSMODE command designed to allow NickServ to set user mode +e (registered
> user).
> - SVSMODE command designed to allow HostServ to set user mode +h (hidden
> host IP cloaking).
> - Implementation of cloak.c utilizing Gary S. Brown's polynomial algorithm
> and CRC32 for client hostmask cloaking.
> - Implementation of m_chghost.c for HostServ and IRC Operators to change
> hidden/spoof hostmasks.
> - Implementation of m_chgident.c for HostServ and IRC operators to change
> hidden/spoof ident fields.
> - Implemtnation of ircd-hybrid-bg's client SSL layer for clients to be able
> to connect via SSL.
> - Channel mode +S added to restrict the channel to only SSL connected
> clients.
> - User modes +e and +h added (see SVSMODE).
> - Operator Only user mode +Q added to protect IRC operators from KILL,
> - Channel mode +c added to trigger ERR_CANNOTSENDCHAN events to people using
> ASCII colour codes.
> - Removal of the 3 IRC Operator voting requirement to issue G: lines so that
> proxy scanners, services and IRC Operators
>   can issue G: lines.
> ircd-hybrid-7.0.3-cj4-ssl bugfixes manifesto:
> ------
> - Fixed m_whois.c to only report WHOISACTUALLY to IRC operators and the
> person executing the command on themselves.
> - Fixed configure scripts (ircd-hybrid/configure and
> ircd-hybrid/autoconf/ for outdated POSIX head/tails.
> We hope to have this well tested and running in production soon but we need
> to run more thorough tests and finish coding features as well as testing
> anope services since we're dropping hybserv2. If you have any questions you
> can contact me freely either by e-mail or at #cservice on
> Regards,
> Alan 'knight-' LeVee
> ChatJunkies IRC Operator and Assistant Project Developer

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