ircd-hybrid-cg patchset near the horizon

Michael Locatelli pcgod at
Wed Apr 27 19:16:53 EDT 2005

Lubomir Radev wrote:
> Well, these sound cool, but how do you plan to design & implement services
> interface? a while ago I used to patch hybserv, adding command handlers
> to hybrid in modules; but AFAIK all those SVS commands are not
> standardized and vary from one services implementation to another - so my
> hybrid7-bg mod would not work with services other than my hybserv-bg mod.
> Maybe that should not be hard-coded but rather configurable via regexps
> with extracting parameters like BOPM does or something.

Currently, we are looking at modifying Anope services to work with this.
Anope is already set up to support multiple IRCD's, so extending it's
current set of SVS commands is as simple as including the appropriate
code inside a #ifdef IRCD_HYBRID block. This part of the project is
currently in the design phase, but should move through development
rather quickly once the majority of the IRCD patch is completed
(depending on if I get this new job that is). For interested parties,
all of our modifications will be available on our website when we
eventually get everything into production.

ChatJunkies IRC Operator and Lead Project Developer

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