hybrid Digest, Vol 16, Issue 11

Randall Berry lrxlinux at verizon.net
Fri Aug 19 12:35:51 EDT 2005

 > If your cron daemon supports the @reboot option you can add a crontab 
for whatever user the irc daemon and services are running as like this:
 > @reboot         cd ~/hybridinstall/; ./ircd >/dev/null 2>&1
 > @reboot         cd ~/services/; ./services >/dev/null 2>&1
 > Which will cause them to start up at reboot or start up
 > Regards,
 > Alan

	Thanks Allen,
Adding to the crontab works for reboot/startup but I'd also like it to 
be added to the service manager so I can start/stop/restart/dissable the 
server/services on demand without having to manually kill and/or restart 
the processes. Since it's function is for testing the option of 
starting, stopping and restarting easily would be nice.

Will these functions also add them to the service manager?

I've been looking into the source and docs of Hybrid and I'm really 
atarting to like it. I also like the straight forward hybrid.conf file. 
It's allot easier to follow than the old ircd.conf file. It's also allot 
easier on the eyes at least for me.

Also, will Dancer Services work properly with Hybrid? It claims to but 
being a non-supported legacy the docs available that I have been able to 
find are scarce, vauge and most are outdated.

Is there a service package available that offers the diversity of the 
dancer package that you would recomend? I've seen a few but they do not 
seem to include the features of the dancer package. If you or anyone 
knows of one better supported that provides the same or more features 
I'll be very thankful.


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