how to see +ps channels

Rachel Llorenna rachies at
Thu Feb 3 16:24:40 EST 2005

Any IRC Operators with the operspy = yes; flag in their operator {}
block should be able to use the commands. Take care to choose these
operators carefully to protect the privacy of your users, because
OPERSPY permits several other controversial commands. This is one of
the reasons why m_operspy is a contrib module and not in the main
source tree.

On Wed, 2 Feb 2005 18:52:37 -0800 (PST), aaaa aaaaa <joan_rus at> wrote:
> Thank you! And tell me, when I do that, who will be able to use /operspy
> command? IRCOps? Does they need some special mode in oper block in config,
> or every IRCOp can use it?
> Chris Johnson <wacky at> wrote: 
> In the "contrib" directory in the source tree you will find m_operspy.c.
> Compile and load this module and after that /quote operspy list * will list
> all channels.
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