Partial Spoofing of User's Addresses

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Thu Feb 10 02:04:44 EST 2005

Not possible.
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Subject: Partial Spoofing of User's Addresses
Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2005 22:57:14 -0800

> Hello everyone,
> I'm trying to figure out if Hybrid has the capability of spoofing 
> user's addresses only partially.
> What I mean by this is I'd like my users to have some security in 
> knowing that they aren't going to get flooded by other users 
> because their addresses are exposed.
> For example:
> Real user address = user at myip or Real user address = user at xx.xx.xx.xx
> I'd like to set a partial spoof so that only part of their IP's are 
> expose, this ensures that their addresses are unique, but at the 
> same time it's not exposing their addresses to other users, so 
> something like this:
> Spoofed user address = user at spoof.xx.xx.xx or user at xx.xx.spoof.spoof
> Is this possible with Hybrid 7?
> I know about using this:
> spoof = "spoof";
> but it doesn't seem to work when I do something like this:
> spoof = "*.spoof.spoof"
> Any help you can provide woud be greatly appreciated.
> Michael


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