Partial Spoofing of User's Addresses

Michael xeon at
Thu Feb 10 01:57:14 EST 2005

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to figure out if Hybrid has the capability of spoofing user's 
addresses only partially.

What I mean by this is I'd like my users to have some security in 
knowing that they aren't going to get flooded by other users because 
their addresses are exposed.

For example:

Real user address = user at myip or Real user address = user at xx.xx.xx.xx

I'd like to set a partial spoof so that only part of their IP's are 
expose, this ensures that their addresses are unique, but at the same 
time it's not exposing their addresses to other users, so something like 

Spoofed user address = user at spoof.xx.xx.xx or user at xx.xx.spoof.spoof

Is this possible with Hybrid 7?

I know about using this:

spoof = "spoof";

but it doesn't seem to work when I do something like this:

spoof = "*.spoof.spoof"

Any help you can provide woud be greatly appreciated.


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