Port limiting

timwoj at ieee.org timwoj at ieee.org
Tue Feb 15 17:41:11 EST 2005

This might be a feature request, but I'm not sure.  I run a closed network 
of 3 servers that requires an SSL connection for clients.  The only 
problem is that it really doesn't.  We require clients to join via SSL via 
heavy-handed opers/users basically.

The problem is that for server linking, we have to leave a plaintext port 
open.  The only way users don't know of this port is because we don't tell 
them what it is (i.e. security through obscurity, which we all know is 
bad).  What I'd like is a way to limit a port's connections to only 
machines that have a connect block in the config.  Is there a way to do 
this currently?  I know I could set up a firewall of some sort on each 
server, but sharing a common conf file for the ircd would be considerably 


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