[Fix] Minor annoyances in the ircd-hybrid configure scripts

Alan LeVee alan.levee at prometheus-designs.net
Thu Feb 24 10:02:48 EST 2005

In my casual exploration of the source code to ircd-hybrid I noticed some
minor annoyances with the configure scripts (obviously a result of the
generated used to create them). Namely what I'm talking about is the
obsolete head/tail command arguments that don't follow current POSIX
compliancy standards and the more recent versions of the textutils set as
well as a minor CFLAG annoyance as well. I will explain further along with
the fixes.

In the configure scripts for ircd-hybrid it uses head -1. Now more recent
versions of the program head from textutils no longer uses -1 as a viable
argument nor is it really clean. Most common use is now head -n 1. This can
be easily fixed with the following sed line however:

sed -i -e 's/head \+-\([0-9]\)/head -n \1/g' -e 's/tail
\+\([-+][0-9]\+\)c/tail -c \1/g' -e 's/tail \+\([-+][0-9]\)/tail -n \1/g'

Now as for the CFLAG issue. I noticed that the configure script uses -O2 -g
now on some platforms and on some versions of gcc -O2 and -g do not play
nicely together, at least from what I can tell in personal experience. This
though can be easily fixed as well with a sed line:

sed -i -e "s:IRC_CFLAGS=\"-O2 -g \":IRC_CFLAGS=\"${CFLAGS}\":" configure

Obviously one would replace ${CFLAGS} with their own choice, however I
caution you, ircd-hybrid does not take too kindly to aggressive CFLAGS to be
extremely cautious in your choice of CFLAG options. I just felt that I
should freely distribute this to people who wish to use it. I'm not saying
the ircd-hybrid development team 'should' use it but I just felt like
pointing out some minor annoyances in the configure script is all.

Sincerely Yours:

Alan (knight-) LeVee
ChatJunkies IRC Operator and Technician - Secondary United States Node:

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