can someone explain to me what is wrong with Jack L.

Jonathan R. Lusky lusky at
Thu Feb 24 17:21:43 EST 2005

Bad parents.  But that doesn't have anything to do with Hybrid either.
Unless he's done the same thing in the Hybrid source tree, please take this
somewhere else.

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> Subject: can someone explain to me what is wrong with Jack L.
> It seems a certain member of the hybrid development team 
> seems to have a 
> thing for removing copyrights from other people's code.  This 
> is perhaps 
> the most insulting thing one can do in the free software 
> community.  Take 
> for example the URL below.  That file had both copyrights by 
> myself and 
> Joan T.
> c/balloc.c
> Another good example is 
> c/sigio.c
> This code was based on Adrian Chadd's s_bsd_poll.c and then 
> was wholly 
> modified by myself to work with sigio.
> Another example is 
> c/event.c
> which is derived from Squid code.
> Normally I would not take this to a public list, but a number 
> of people 
> have pointed out this situation and it still has not been 
> resolved.  So I 
> believe the only resolution is that said person be publicly outed and 
> tarred and feather for such embarrassing behavior for a coder 
> in the free 
> software community.
> Regards,
> Aaron

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