can someone explain to me what is wrong with Jack L.

Aaron Sethman androsyn at
Thu Feb 24 16:23:18 EST 2005

It seems a certain member of the hybrid development team seems to have a 
thing for removing copyrights from other people's code.  This is perhaps 
the most insulting thing one can do in the free software community.  Take 
for example the URL below.  That file had both copyrights by myself and 
Joan T.

Another good example is

This code was based on Adrian Chadd's s_bsd_poll.c and then was wholly 
modified by myself to work with sigio.

Another example is
which is derived from Squid code.

Normally I would not take this to a public list, but a number of people 
have pointed out this situation and it still has not been resolved.  So I 
believe the only resolution is that said person be publicly outed and 
tarred and feather for such embarrassing behavior for a coder in the free 
software community.



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