chroot help

Max Michaels max at
Wed Jul 13 14:52:29 EDT 2005

Great. That did the trick.

One more question. I want a config that will allow people to create 
channels but will not make them opers by default. Basically, the only 
people I want to be able to be opers anywhere is people from my network 
who have the password. I've been reading example.conf all day and am 
about to go insane. Any help is greatly appreciated...


On Jul 13, 2005, at 11:42 AM, Alan LeVee wrote:

> Max Michaels said:
>> Wondering if anyone could point me to a how-to to get ircd-hybrid-7.x
>> running under chroot? I've tried my usual tricks to get a service
>> running under chroot without success. I'm sure someone has done this
>> but have been able to successfully find any documentation on it. Are
>> there any build switches for 7.x to build a path-independent version?
>> I've built it statically without issue but i can't get it running and
>> strace really reveals no useful information.
>> Any pointers appreciated and I plan on writing my own how-to after I
>> get this working.
>> Thanks,
>> max
> -- 
> Alan LeVee

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