chroot help

Bill Bierman bill at
Wed Jul 13 15:24:12 EDT 2005

Max Michaels wrote:

> Great. That did the trick.
> One more question. I want a config that will allow people to create 
> channels but will not make them opers by default. Basically, the only 
> people I want to be able to be opers anywhere is people from my 
> network who have the password. I've been reading example.conf all day 
> and am about to go insane. Any help is greatly appreciated...
> -max

Such behavior would contradict the IRC RFC.  Basically, this means that 
anything that did this would not be IRC.  Fortunately for you, nobody 
cares about that anymore.  Though it is not included in the ircd itself, 
I'm sure there are patches out there to do what you are asking.

One minor clarification, generally "opers" refers to IRC operators, and 
"ops" refers to channel operators.  I am assuming you meant ops.


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