create CSR for hybrid

Michael Locatelli mlocatelli at
Sat Jul 23 11:15:00 EDT 2005

Laurent wrote:

>  chown <ircd-user>.<> rsa.key
> -sh: ircd-user: No such file or directory
> it is necessary to modify anything ?

It is necessary to read the documentation and understand the conventions
used in said documentation (HINT: It uses the same conventions as any
other UNIX software documentation). You should have your system
administrator set it up for you. However, I'm guessing this is a home
Linux box, thus making YOU the system administrator. In that case, I
will give you a hint. Anything in angle brackets like <ircd-user> or
<> must be replaced with the information requested inside the
brackets. Since you probably didn't understand that either, it will end
up looking something like this:

chown ircd.users rsa.key

where "ircd" is the user that the server will be running as, and users
is the group that the server will be running as.

It seems you have basic problems with administration in general. Go find
yourself a good book on Linux administration (or whatever other flavor
of UNIX you are running), take a class, and/or pay someone to hold your
hand and teach you how to set up services.


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