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Sat Jul 23 11:40:20 EDT 2005

Just a note,
Using . to seperate user and group is depreciated on alot of systems.
FreeBSD for example is one of them. If that dont work try
chown user:group file


On Sat, 23 Jul 2005 08:15:00 -0700
Michael Locatelli <mlocatelli at> wrote:

> Laurent wrote:
> >  chown <ircd-user>.<> rsa.key
> > -sh: ircd-user: No such file or directory
> >  
> >  
> > it is necessary to modify anything ?
> It is necessary to read the documentation and understand the
> conventions used in said documentation (HINT: It uses the same
> conventions as any other UNIX software documentation). You should
> have your system administrator set it up for you. However, I'm
> guessing this is a home Linux box, thus making YOU the system
> administrator. In that case, I will give you a hint. Anything in
> angle brackets like <ircd-user> or <> must be replaced with
> the information requested inside the brackets. Since you probably
> didn't understand that either, it will end up looking something like
> this:
> chown ircd.users rsa.key
> where "ircd" is the user that the server will be running as, and users
> is the group that the server will be running as.
> It seems you have basic problems with administration in general. Go
> find yourself a good book on Linux administration (or whatever other
> flavor of UNIX you are running), take a class, and/or pay someone to
> hold your hand and teach you how to set up services.
> PC^God

Christopher Johnson - <wacky at>
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