Adding cmode +c

Amand Tihon ircd at
Thu Nov 17 06:35:12 EST 2005

Le Mercredi 16 Novembre 2005 23:27, nospam at a écrit :
> oh could you post it if you are finished.. i would like to use it as well..

Different people, different needs :)
Someone contacted me offlist as well, asking for an effective color stripper 
he would use for quit messages.


As it seems that I'll need to change the sources anyway, I'll spend some time 
to make the patch as inobstrusive as possible, putting everything else into a 

Currently, only channel messages (and thus notices) are stripped. I'll see 
what I can do for CTCP (/action), topics, quit and part messages, but I 
cannot promise anything.

Amand Tihon

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