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Thu Nov 17 09:04:19 EST 2005

Le Mercredi 16 Novembre 2005 23:27, nospam at a écrit :
> oh could you post it if you are finished.. i would like to use it as well..

Since hybrid doesn't define callbacks for part/quit/kick/topic, this will be 
left as an exercise blah blah blah :)

The current implementation works for channel messages and notices (including 
CTCP, unlike I stated in my previous email.)

Patch is relative to 7.2rc1

The strip_colors() function itself should be pretty fast, however I haven't 
checked if the callback is in an acceptable place, and it probably is not. If 
used on a big network, it might be necessary to review this.

I had to use a delayed initialisation, because core modules are loaded *after* 
other modules, and we rely on a callback defined in m_message.

Please note that this code has NOT been intensively checked.

Feel free to report any problem, and to reuse at your will.
Amand Tihon
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