numerous bugs present in 7.2.0

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Fri Feb 10 10:21:38 EST 2006

Hello ThaPrince,

Tuesday, January 31, 2006, 5:18:06 PM, you wrote:

T> Hello,

T> No problem at all! Another problem i have found is that client SSL
T> seems to randomly disconnect people for no apparant reason. It seems
T> to get worse the more SSL clients you have on the server. I havent
T> been able to track down whats causing it, and it only affects ssl
T> clients. Normal clients on the same server arent disconnected. The SSL
T> users will simply be disconnected with a message akin to "Remote host
T> has closed the Connection" or similar. It also seems to cascade and
T> spread to other SSL users(I.E when one triggers it, it often
T> disconnects other SSL users as well). If you need help tracking this
T> one down I would be more than willing to help, as the SSL capability
T> of hybrid is very popular :)

T> Regards,

T> Jon

ThaPrince - I've found hybrid disconnect ssl connected clients if I
connect on ssl'ed port with telnet and send some random strings.
In my case it's enought to send:

and server disconnects telnet connection and then drops ssl connected
client with same reason as ur. Try to check this, may be we have the
same problems.
And one more - adx told me the problem may be caused with epoll, so
plz do /info and see, what SELECT_TYPE is used.

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