numerous bugs present in 7.2.0

Marcin Kulas hybrid at
Fri Feb 10 11:19:33 EST 2006

On Fri, 10.02.2006 (18:21:38 +0300), CoolCold <coolcold at> wrote:

> ThaPrince - I've found hybrid disconnect ssl connected clients if I
> connect on ssl'ed port with telnet and send some random strings.
> In my case it's enought to send:
> bla
> bla
> bla
> and server disconnects telnet connection and then drops ssl connected
> client with same reason as ur. Try to check this, may be we have the
> same problems.
> And one more - adx told me the problem may be caused with epoll, so
> plz do /info and see, what SELECT_TYPE is used.

It works the same way on hybrid-7.2.1beta(20060102_356) with sigio.
Telnet, bla bla bla... and all ssl sessions dropped.

Marcin Kulas

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