Auto-join / Channel ops config

Tuc at T-B-O-H.NET ml at
Sun Sep 30 20:07:52 EDT 2007


	Thanks for putting out the software...

	Two hopefully quick questions..

	1) Is there a way documented somewhere to have users 
"Auto join" a channel when connected?

	2) Setting up a global admin, found how to do. Setting up
chanops, can't find how to do. Where do I look for how to configure
channel ops users to the server? (Without running services... BASICALLY
my server gets about 15 people TOTAL ever, and when I kick it 
sometimes people rush on and get chanops since they "create" the
*1* channel that we usually only keep running on the server. So
maybe a combination "No auto ops for channel" and "Ops if proper
id and/or pass is given" is really what I need)

	Thanks (in advance. ;) ) for the help.


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