Auto-join / Channel ops config

Tuc at T-B-O-H.NET ml at
Sun Sep 30 21:50:58 EDT 2007

> >         1) Is there a way documented somewhere to have users
> > "Auto join" a channel when connected?
> Thats a client config.  I know its possible with xchat and others.
	Ok. Was hoping to just force them into the 1 channel that
the server is really there to support. 
>         2) Setting up a global admin, found how to do. Setting up
> > chanops, can't find how to do. Where do I look for how to configure
> > channel ops users to the server? (Without running services... BASICALLY
> > my server gets about 15 people TOTAL ever, and when I kick it
> > sometimes people rush on and get chanops since they "create" the
> > *1* channel that we usually only keep running on the server. So
> > maybe a combination "No auto ops for channel" and "Ops if proper
> > id and/or pass is given" is really what I need)
> You get a rush with 15 people?  Thats mad!  Try oping them and giving them
> the responsibilites of ops :)
	I really don't want ANYONE to be ops. (Hence asking if there
was a "no op for this channel" type option.) The rush is more the clients
set to "auto-reconnect". One guy seems to have his set to try every 
second it seems. When the server starts I also start a sirc user doing
logging and even THAT user doesn't get into the channel fast enough!
> The Ops if id/pass given is down to the services... not that I yet use them
> myself.  If someone takes over my channels, I just oper up, kline the
> offenders and take ops back :D
	I reset my config today so I could "/quote oper OPID oppassword".
But when I went to the channel, it told me I wasn't a channel op when
I went "/deop SillyUser". I ended up having to just kick him so the only
channel op lost his privs. I just would like to know how to configure an
id that I can become chanop next time and "/deop". I *HAVE* considered
giving JUST CHANNEL OPS to 1 guy, but right now I don't know how to
configure for that. (Only channel ops, not system ops).

	Its not like this is a dire issue. I kick the server over once
every 4 or 6 months so I could just have it email me to make sure when 
it starts I check there isn't an op...

			Thanks, Tuc

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