Gavin Hanover gavin at
Fri Mar 20 21:07:08 EDT 2009

I was told this is the place to go to find out about getting a
gungline module for EFnet servers to remain compliant.
Equivalent ratbox3 code can be found
The text of the vote requiring this functionality for EFnet is as follows:

This vote is to approve all servers on EFnet having a global
ungline feature enabled. The global ungline feature follows
the same 3-vote system required for glines, except the function
removes it globally.

Opers and Admins will be able to ungline for any reason, but
this does not change the rules for applying a gline.

If the vote is approved, all servers will be required to
activate ungline within a 30 day period. The 30 days will
begin on the day this vote closes. Failure to comply will
result in the server(s) being removed from the network.

The technical details of the command for server-server

:source ENCAP * GUNGLINE user host :reason

Pending GUNGLINE command should not interact with pending GLINEs.
Triggering a GLINE also should not interact with pending GUNGLINEs.
Triggering a GUNLINE also should not interact with pending GLINEs.

A suggested implementation for the oper command might be:

/GUNGLINE user at host :reason

In God we trust,
Everybody else must have an x.509 certificate.

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