Joan Touzet joant at
Wed Mar 25 15:57:04 EDT 2009

I was the one who suggested Gavin come here. Does anyone have the time
to code this? The EFNet deadline for implementation is end of March -
so not much time. That said this is fairly simple code to implement.

I don't know if I have a commit bit anymore, but if all else fails I
could consider working on this over the weekend.

Joan Touzet  |  joant at  |  wohali at efnet

2009/3/20 Gavin Hanover <gavin at>:
> I was told this is the place to go to find out about getting a
> gungline module for EFnet servers to remain compliant.
> Equivalent ratbox3 code can be found
> The text of the vote requiring this functionality for EFnet is as follows:
> This vote is to approve all servers on EFnet having a global
> ungline feature enabled. The global ungline feature follows
> the same 3-vote system required for glines, except the function
> removes it globally.
> Opers and Admins will be able to ungline for any reason, but
> this does not change the rules for applying a gline.
> If the vote is approved, all servers will be required to
> activate ungline within a 30 day period. The 30 days will
> begin on the day this vote closes. Failure to comply will
> result in the server(s) being removed from the network.
> The technical details of the command for server-server
> communications
> :source ENCAP * GUNGLINE user host :reason
> Pending GUNGLINE command should not interact with pending GLINEs.
> Triggering a GLINE also should not interact with pending GUNGLINEs.
> Triggering a GUNLINE also should not interact with pending GLINEs.
> A suggested implementation for the oper command might be:
> /GUNGLINE user at host :reason
> --
> In God we trust,
> Everybody else must have an x.509 certificate.

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