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Wed May 13 07:46:10 EDT 2009

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009, 1:24:04 PM, you wrote:

ssssff> Ok I chose to install anope-1.8.0 wich give a lot of services and the service
ssssff> "NickServ".
ssssff> -I have installed the service (./configure, make, make install)
ssssff> -I have configured it (services.conf)
ssssff> -I have configured the ircd.conf :
ssssff> "/*
ssssff>  * connect {}
ssssff>  */
ssssff> connect {
ssssff>         name = "";
ssssff>         host = "";
ssssff>         send_password = "mypass";
ssssff>         accept_password = "mypass";
ssssff>         encrypted = no;
ssssff>         hub_mask = "*";
ssssff> };"
ssssff> -I have launched the irc daemon
ssssff> -I have launched the services daemon
ssssff> -I have checked the services.log file
ssssff> -I have checked the ircd.log file :
ssssff> "[2009/5/13 10.56] Server Ready
ssssff> [2009/5/13 10.57] Link with[unknown at]
ssssff> established: (TS KLN GLN KNOCK CHW IE EX QS) link"

ssssff> But this doesn't work because :
ssssff> ", #anope :
ssssff> <YuGiOhJCJ> hello
ssssff> <YuGiOhJCJ> unable to register to the forum "technical problem" so I ask a
ssssff> question here
ssssff> <YuGiOhJCJ> Why when I type "/nickserv" in my IRC i get "nickserv :Unknown
ssssff> command"?
ssssff> <YuGiOhJCJ>
ssssff> <mrfrenzy> YuGiOhJCJ: you need to add an alias in your ircd
ssssff> <YuGiOhJCJ> mrfrenzy, ok and do you know how to do this with ircd-hybrid ?
ssssff> <mrfrenzy> no, the documentation for ircd-hybrid probably does though
ssssff> <YuGiOhJCJ> ok ty
ssssff> <mrfrenzy> and I believe thera are guides on the anope website"

ssssff> Do you know how to add an alias?

ssssff> Selon spam.spam.spam.spam at

>> Ok, so I need to use NickServ (resv is an other thing that I needn't for the
>> moment).
>> NickServ is a IRC service that I must install separatly. So I am not at the
>> good
>> place.
>> Thank you ;-)
>> Selon Gavin Hanover <gavin at>:
>> > NickServ is a service that runs seperate from the ircd in most cases.
>> > A resv (sometimes called a jupe) is for denying anyone from accessing
>> > the nickname. For example, if you don't run services such as nickserv,
>> > you might resv the nickname "NickServ" to prevent a user from taking
>> > that nickname and gathering passwords that other users msg it by
>> > mistake.
>> >
>> > I'm not aware off the top of my head of any services such as NickServ
>> > that you can run on top of hybrid. Perhaps other list members can be
>> > of more help with that.
>> >
>> > --
>> > In God we trust,
>> > Everybody else must have an x.509 certificate.
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> > On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 7:02 PM,  <spam.spam.spam.spam at> wrote:
>> > > Hello,
>> > >
>> > > I am using ircd-hybrid-7.2.3.
>> > > I would like to reserve a nickname.
>> > > I already read doc/resv.txt but this is not what I want.
>> > >
>> > > I would like to reserve a nickname with a password.
>> > >
>> > > With some IRC, we can subscribe for an account with nickname and password
>> > on a
>> > > web page. After this :
>> > > - When a user use this nickname with no password, he can
>> > > - If, at the same time, an other user wants to use this nickname with the
>> > > password, the previous user will be renamed
>> > >
>> > > How to configure correctly my ircd.conf in order to do this?
>> > >
>> > > Thank you.
>> > >
>> >

m_services.c     --  This module will add services hook support to hybrid. It
                     will add secure messaging aliases to services like such
                     as NickServ, OperServ and so on. It also adds SVSNICK
                     support to allow NickServ to change nicknames should
                     a user fail to identify or if an operator chooses
                     to want to change a user's nickname if it is offensive.
                     To use the aliases simply do ServiceName without MSG,
                     e.g. /NickServ IDENTIFY instead of /MSG NickServ IDENTIFY.

                     Syntax: SVSNICK <nickname> <newnick>

                     Example: SVSNICK fsck lamer

You will need to edit file and change services path to meet your needs.

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