[hybrid] Issue while connecting 2 hybrid servers

Shazz of TRSi shazz.ng at gmx.com
Mon May 14 06:08:07 EDT 2012

I "fixed" the issue in adding the reverse connect statement in the hybrid2 conf
 But does it mean to connect it is REQUIRED that both servers know each other ? It is impossbile that a new server connects to an existing one without being configured/restarted (in the existing one) ?

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 I have installed 2 hybrid servers (hybrid1: and hybrid2:, that works.
 Then I'd like the 1st one to connect to the 2nd one (to share channels and users)

 so in hybrid1 conf I have added :

connect {
 name = "hybrid2.log";
 host = "";
 send_password = "password";
 accept_password = "anotherpassword";
 encrypted = no;
 port = 6666;
 hub_mask = "*";
 class = "server";
 autoconn = yes;
 #compressed = yes;
 #lazylink = yes;
 #fakename = "*.arpa";
but as oper when I do /connect hybrid2.log I've got :

*** Connecting to[hybrid2.log].6666 
 *** Notice -- ERROR :from hybrid2.log[unknown at] -- Closing Link: (Invalid servername.)
*** Notice -- Server hybrid2.log[unknown at] closed the connection
*** Notice -- hybrid2.log had been connected for 0 days, 0:00:00

 The 2 servers can ping each other so no network issue, no firewalling, users can connect to both.

 So I guess that's a conf issue ? Where should send_password and accept_password need to be set on the hybrid2 server ?

 Thanks !
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