hybrid 703 with ssl

multi multi multi_2k at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 24 07:52:35 EDT 2005


I hope i post this in the right section, .. but anyway i have some problems
with getting ssl working on ircd-hybrid-7.0.3 , i found out during install
ssl isnt enabled by default, but needed a patch to set the ssl in the conf 
i got the patch from this website


its all compiled and working without ssl on a normal port
but as soon i connect to the ssl port, i get connected but disconnected 
i made the key/pub files and the ssl cert like documentated
but no go, anyway i cant find any log of ssl, only ircd startup is logged in 
ircd.log, any other way to check?
i tested this on 2 boxes : at home and another shell, both not working
( gentoo / debian )

so i apparently must do something wrong or oversee something
anyone that can help me out, or got any tips to get it working?
or can tell me which hybrid version i should use with ssl , that should 

also i can post the ircd.conf later if needed

Thanks in advance

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