ircd-hybrid release notification - ircd-hybrid-7.1.3

Piotr Niżyński piotr.nizynski at
Sat Oct 15 12:42:34 EDT 2005

> 5). Help doesn't work anymore.

In 7.1, despite the newer trees, HELP is in contrib, so you need to do a 
make install in contrib/ in order to activate this. After installing the 
module, make sure you have something similar in your conf file:

modules {
	module = "";

About other issues: I think some of them (like 1 and 4) might be already 
fixed in the 7.2 tree, but we'll check that. CIDR I-lines are handled 
exactly the same way as CIDR K-lines / G-lines / oper and generally they 
should work (I know of 7.1-based networks successfully using them). I'd 
rather say it's some kind of error in your conf (perhaps auth block 

Also note that in 7.1 connection password MUST NOT be specified if 
there's no password= line in the auth block. This is a common pitfall 
which seems to confuse users, therefore we have restored the old logic 
in 7.2 and HEAD.


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