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coolcold at coolcold at
Mon Oct 17 20:04:37 EDT 2005

>Jack L. xxjack12xx at wrote
>Is tburst loaded on the 7.0 server and does 7.2 use tburst still or tb?

7.0 (7.0.3 actually) - 0x8590670 $Revision: $
7.2rc1 - 0x860add8 $Revision$
i've even tryed
2005-10-12 01:04:40  metalrock

	* [r108] modules/m_tb.c:
	   - Change the topic whenever the topics don't match 
even if the TS
	     is different because if we check topic TS and we 
have a topicTS
	     mismatch, we will have 2 different topics on two 
different servers.
didn't help.
7.0 <-> 7.0/7.03 works fine.

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