A question about logging

Joan Touzet joant at ieee.org
Sun Jun 24 15:23:52 EDT 2007

Generally, I try and avoid server-side logging that's not bot driven
and channel-specific.  There are many times where this is both desired
and desirable. However, there are situations that full server-based
logging makes sense:

  1) Research environment where all who access the server are informed
and sign consent prior to connection;
  2) Support environment a la suicide hotlines or community outreach
(though the former has its own special considerations;
  3) Corporate environments where servers are fully-restricted for
access and used to hold key conversations around R&D, internal support
channels, conferencing, discussions, etc. (Though, again, it is hard
to argue here that this shouldn't be channel-based...)
  4) Limited full-audit logging. In other words, one doesn't want
every PRIVMSG in the enviornment, but full logging of all
connect/disconnect/JOIN/MODE changes. It's hardest of all to envision
the need for this, but I can come up with one or two specific cases
where this type of logging is justified.

Finally, remember that Your Law Is Not My Law (YLINML), and that
what's right for human rights & the UN Charter may not be what's right
for your specific situation. Technology should enable folks to make
decisions for themselves -- but also come with enough warnings and
disclaimers to ensure that folks /read/ and /think/ about their
actions before they blindly implement.

Matheus, in your case, logging as a way to Cover Your Ass (CYA) in the
unlikely event of on line abuse is probably stretching it a bit. Be
sure you consult with your company's Legal department to ensure if
this is acceptable within your jurisdiction or not. (FYI, in the US,
there are laws other than the PATRIOT act that make this a fully legal
and justifiable action, as much as it sucks whopping great donkey


On 6/22/07, Matheus Morais <matheus.morais at gmail.com> wrote:
> Well, I support that idea too in a comunity chat environment but in cited
> situation the chat will be used by employees and the server is hosted and
> financed by the employers. The chat won't be used to fun or anything else,
> will be used as comunication method between the employees and is the company
> right see what they are talking about to verify if abuses are being
> committed.
> Thanks for the patch, I will apply it and recompile the server.
> Thanks in advance,
> Matheus Morais
> On 6/22/07, Arnvid Karstad < arnvid at karstad.org> wrote:
> >
> > On Fri, 22 Jun 2007 16:18:02 -0500 - David Terrell < dbt at meat.net> wrote:
> > > While that's admirable, and I support the sentiment, understand that
> > > certain environments must log all discussion to comply with government
> > > regulations.
> >
> > Which enviroments would this be, and what goverments regulations? Would
> > this be liable to be regulated for other chat mediums aswell? For
> > instance MSN?
> >
> >
> > Med vennlig hilsen/Best regards,
> >
> > Arnvid L. Karstad
> >
> >

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