[hybrid] Issue while connecting 2 hybrid servers

Shazz of TRSi shazz.ng at gmx.com
Mon May 14 11:59:45 EDT 2012

Thanks Arnvid and Ariel !

 Now that's clear (a pity for my project as new hubs/leafs will constantly appear but... so I'll write a piece of code which update the conf accordingly and call the kill)


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 On 14.05.2012 12:08, Shazz of TRSi wrote: > I "fixed" the issue in adding the reverse connect statement in the > hybrid2 conf > But does it mean to connect it is REQUIRED that both servers know > each other ? It is impossbile that a new server connects to an > existing one without being configured/restarted (in the existing one) > ? Yes, that's correct. You need server blocks for both. Like the previous C and N lines of older hybrids. This is to make sure that servers who are not authorized cannot connect to the network. You dont need to restart the server, a simple kill -HUP or /quote rehash as an ircoperator should work. Br Arnvid
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